June 24, 2022

MobiDAX: Launching Our YouTube Channel Dedicated to Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Launching Our YouTube Channel Dedicated to Cryptocurrency Trading Software & Focused on Education and Developer Training

Our team is very excited to launch MobiDAX YouTube Channel and release some sought after content. As a Software Development company with close to 4 years experience of deploying, customizing and maintaining Cryptocurrency & Fiat Trading Platforms, there is quite a lot that we want to share.

Our channel will not have millions of followers (unless you guys surprise the wits out of us) because MobiDAX YouTube channel is for a niche market. To be specific, our channel is primarily for Software Developers and FinTech Business Owners interested in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Needless to say we structured our content planning specifically for you, to give you the content you want and need!

Let's talk about the content we have planned.

Software Tutorial Videos:
- How to use Opensource Software to deploy a Cryptocurrency Exchange Service
- How to deploy and sync Cryptonodes
- How to understand Peatio and accompanying services
- How to understand OpenDAX and components
- How to deploy OpenDAX
- What is Flutter
- What is GraphQL
- What is Hummingbot
- Infrastructure as Code explanation Terraform demo
- Docker explanation and overview
- Security: Where are private keys store
- Security: How is authentication done
- Security: How are API Keys secured
- How to release a Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps on Apple Store or Google Play

Business & Operations Videos:
- How to manage KYC
- How are private keys stored
- How to set up hot, warm and cold wallets
- Referral Program and best practices
- How to market your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
- Fiat Gateways and available service providers
- How to provide liquidity on yoru platform
- Government regulations and local requirements
- How to attract more users

Admin Panel Operator Videos:
- How to configure Blockchains
- How to configure Currencies
- How to configure Wallets
- How to manage KYC internally
- Role based access control (RBAC)
- User restrictions and management

Networking for Businesses:
- Discussing existing Crypto & Fiat Exchanges
- 3rd Partner KYC Providers and Q&A conversations
- Liquidity Service Providers
- Professional Traders and what do they expect from an Exchange Platform
- Promising Cryptocurrencies, new trends and growing communities
- How can you business benefit from the underlying Blockchain Software
- Asset Tokenization
- Product and Services Tokenization - future of Marketing

- Weekly series, released on Fridays, to help you build your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform (more on this topic in a separate article coming soon!)

All of this and much more in store! Heading into another COVID19 restricted winter season, MobiDAX plans on keeping the conversation light and interesting for our growing community. So join us across our social media channels and stay tuned!

Andy Smith

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