Mobile Applications

Practical guide and recommendations for testing and usage

MobiDAX Foreword:  

Cross-platform Demo: Download MobiDAX DEMO for iOS or Android by following the link(s) sent by MobiDAX team member.

KYC Flow: For your convenience, MobiDAX team will give you Level 3 KYC Approval once you share your email address. If you would like to pass the full KYC flow, contact MobiDAX team member and we will roll back your authorization and you can pass full KYC process in MobiDAX Application.

General Optimizations: MobiDAX is designed to be customized. The interface and features you see today are easily customized to fit your brand guidelines and business preferences. With our Beta release, we will do a final UI polishing and performance optimization.

Other Planned Upgrades: Tablet screen support, MacOS App & Windows App support, Dark/Light modes, Green/Red Indicator selector, Fingerprint Sign-in.
(These features will be available to MobiDAX Enterprise Customers after Beta Release)

Sign Up Process:

Option 1: Login No Sign up

User: | Password: MobiDAX=#1

Option 2: Experience default sign up process

Mobile: Mobile Application (iOS or Android)

Confirm Email: User your real email address to receive and confirm your email for KYC Level 1

*KYC: After verifying your email address you will automatically be assigned KYC Level 3. If you prefer to go through the full verification process, let us know and we will downgrade you to Level 1.

Testing deposits

There are 2 options to test the deposit functionality:

  • Use Rinkeby test ETH from your external wallet or faucet to deposit and withdraw to MobiDAX. Here's a quick link to a Testnet ETH Faucet:
  • Let us know your TuneX Token address generated in the wallet to receive 1000 tokens

Testing withdrawals

There are 2 options to test the withdrawal functionality:

  • Use deposited Rinkeby test ETH to withdraw to your external wallet
  • Withdraw TuneX Token to external wallet, for example Metamask. The contract address needed to add TuneX Token is0xeb1cd1a57ea14aae07f14f0a3d2425a8347f759a