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Highlights worth sharing

MobiDAX specializes in building custom software solutions with focus on Blockchain and Financial Technologies. Our team members deployed more than 50 Assets Exchanges over the past four years and developing MobiDAX, we aimed at building the world's leading trading software.  

Our team is ready to share the knowledge and the experience with our customers and partners. MobiDAX skilled staff, tailors our training specifically to your team, as expert developers guide you to become the PROs. Or let us be the extension of your team, customize and maintain your software.

50+ Exchanges

built by MobiDAX core team as web applications before we began developing the new generation of DAX software

6+ Years of Experience

building Digital Asset Exchange Solutions for some of the biggest brands found on CoinMarketCap

0 Limits

MobiDAX is adaptable to any existing Digital Asset Exchange as a Mobile Front-End, support all 3rd Party APIs and hosted on Cloud or as a Hybrid Solution

Powered by Flutter

Flutter Framework and Dart Programming Language are at the core of MobiDAX Front-End interface. Developed by Google to build Mobile, Desktop, Server and Web Applications of the next generation, Flutter became a perfect match for MobiDAX.

Building beautiful and natively compiled applications, MobiDAX team chose Flutter Framework as a cost efficient solution for application development and maintenance. Join the ranks with some of the world's leading brands, IT giants and FinTech companies.

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Supported Blockchains

Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, DASH, Litecoin, Stable Coins, and more.

API Friendly

Expand your services by integrating public and private API's and custom business logic


Multi-Level security features combined in a complex piece of art architecture

Native Code Runtime

Our codebase compiles native machine code for all supported platforms.


Lightning fast with animation runtime speeds of 60 frames per second

Cross Platform

MobiDax supports Web, iOS and Android

Admin Control Panel

Easy to understand and operate for reduced training and simplified administration

Market Pair Management

Add new coins and set up the most popular pairs for your Trader Community

Wallet Management

Create and manage various wallet types: Deposit, Fee, Hot, Warm and Cold

Fundamental Features

The fundamental features of the platform that powers the world's top exchanges.

Blockchain Support

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, DASH, Litecoin, Stable Coins, and more.

Containerized Secure Architecture

Docker based multi-Level security at various levels of the system to ensure maximum security

Integration Friendly

Expand your services by integrating public and private API's and custom business logic. The system is highly extensible for maximum flexibility

Custom Chain Support

Pluggable Coin API makes it quick and easy to add and support your favorite Blockchain to ensure your exchange stays on top of the trends.

Market Making Bot

Customize your operational strategy and connect to exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, etc to execute trades from your exchange using third party liquidity, lowering upfront cost by a large margin.

Hosting Solutions

Choose between Bare Metal, Cloud Providers supporting Docker or Custom Hybrid Solutions to best fit your specific use case.

UX Design and System Specifications

Information and details about the MobiDAX stack and how we ensure a smooth operating experience




MobiDAX was designed in Flutter as it a highly extensible frontend UX Framework, leading to superior customization and cross platform support.



The API systems are unified under GraphQL. The Management, Events, WebSocket, Blockchain, Authentication, Identity and Resource APIs are written in GraphQL schema, making it more performant than REST based systems.



Peatio is the opensource core trading engine co-developed by TuneX team. We built upon it's strong fundamentals and improved it to be the best it can be, making sure it is stable, secure and speedy.

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Meet the team

Meet the people behind the software and the MobiDAX experience. With years of experience here to help you!

Andy Smith
Co-Founder and CEO
John Carter
Co-Founder and CTO
Sophie Moore
Head of Community
Lily Woods
Head of Infraestructure